I love Tilly

That face.

I am so in love with my dog it is untrue.  Well that is when she is not running off with other people and/or dogs - then I don't love her quite so much, in fact, then she makes me cross.  She is particularly fond of our builders, they all spoil her and never tell her off so it's not surprising is it!  Fickle!

She is as grumpy and fed up with the building work as we are and I feel so guilty that I'm not able to take her for the big forest walks she was used to before pregnancy and building work took over our lives.  I can't wait to get back to that again.  She deserves the best does our girl.

She does have a garden again though, well kind of. It sort of looks like a rubbish tip at the moment but we have doors and a fence so she can go and play if she wants to.  Hurrah!

Did I ever tell you that the vet said she didn't have hayfever - bang go my doggy diagnosis skills off the internet! She didn't know why Tilly's eyes were a bit weepy but she thinks it might be the halti that we use to walk her.  It looks like this...

Not impressed!

It stops her from pulling and of course she doesn't like it and pulls anyway but if she pulls to hard the halti sort of tilts her face to the side and goes up into her eyes. Ouchee! It sounds really mean but honestly it isn't, nothing happens if she doesn't pull...honest!

Anyway, we have decided to try walking her without the halti but only once I'm not pregnant anymore because she is strong and pully and if she sees something she quite likes (squirrel, pigeon, leaves, sexy black Labradors!) then I've got no chance!

Right I have to dash off and attempt to clear dust and dirt from the house so that we can have some dinner tonight.  We went to the hospital to have the baby turned today and I was sort of pooping my pants about it.  Got there and baby had turned already....hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!! I had a cry and some celebratory Victoria Sponge cake and everything :o)

Now it's just a waiting game.