a knitted heirloom blanket

We were so overwhelmed at the weekend to receive this gift.

We had a visit from two of Darren's aunties on Saturday.  It was lovely to see them and we made cherry cake to celebrate, thinking they had just come for a natter and to make sure we were okay.

Whilst they did of course come for a natter, it turns out that they had an ulterior motive.  They completely surprised us, they were on a mission to deliver a family tradition and what an amazing family tradition it turned out to be.

This beautiful baby blanket is knitted!!  Knitted!! How cool is that!!  The one craft that resolutely refuses to be friends with me is the origin of this amazing piece of work.  I am gobsmacked.

I can't even begin to imagine how much time or patience or care would have been involved in the making of it, I just can't stop looking at it.  So beautiful.

Darren's huge family is Maltese and every one of his cousins has received one of these baby blankets before the birth of their first child and at the weekend it was finally his turn.

We both get a bit emotional and tearful when we think about that, mainly because we never thought it would be our turn and also because it makes him miss his Mum.  Must stop now, tears are a-welling.

Instead I reckon you should just look at this knitted loveliness and be as amused as me at Darren asking the aunties on receiving the blanket "how did you get it to look 3D?"

Only from the mouth of a boy!