pregnancy at 40 weeks

AKA 'The one I didn't want to write'

It's not fair.  It's not fair.

Did you hear me????  I'm waiting!

Today is my due date.

Hello. Hello.  Are you in there little baby, can you hear me?  "Get OUT NOW!"

I went to see the midwife this afternoon.  This is what she said.  "Ooh your blood pressure is a bit high"...a bit high, I'm not flippin surprised.

Over the last few days, okay the past week, I've gone from being a blissed out mama to be, all swirly and ethereal (in my head at least), to a raging hormonal monster.  I mean a MON. STER!  I am angry at everything and everybody.  I even did a blog post on politics today...GAH!

I've gone from chilling out to classical and beautiful music to playing really loud hardcore house. I'll be listening to metal next so baby you better come out if you don't fancy a bit of Slipknot in your lugholes!  I mean it.

The good news is that the baby's head is engaged, this IS good news I'm told.  Also I'm sure the raging hormones mean it has to happen soon (right?).

Also, and this made me sick but happy, I did scoff a whole bag of Haribo that was stashed away in Darren's hospital bag, even though as a vegetarian I shouldn't go anywhere near them. Damn and blast, for now I am surely doomed.

 ps. Tilly is keeping well away from me, I think she must sense the odour of mental instability!