pregnancy at 38 weeks

Also known as the one where I look like a lardy!

I know, not very PC!! So shoot me, I quite frankly don't care anymore.

This is the moment, 38 weeks, well actually it happened halfway through 37 weeks when I sort of gave up and gave in to the frock of blousy billowingness.  I finally felt the need to waft about in a voluminous shift!

This is the moment when Darren told me my belly was bigger than my boobs!

This is the moment when the angle of my belly made my dress stick out miles away from my body and actually made the people stare!  The people stared!! I am sad.

Although it is quite funny really, this rather fetching gap between my thighs and my dress (and quite cooling on what was a reasonable hot September day in Blighty!), and I have to say that this Jigsaw dress is not a maternity item so it is faring rather well given the circumstances.

So what can I tell you apart from to pray for me that this baby will come sooner rather than later.  I can tell you that:

  • We have the moses basket all set up in our room ready and it makes my heart beat a little faster every time I walk in.
  • I now waddle, this is the cause of much amusement.
  • I have to get up to pee at least two or three times every night (this is tiresome, sometimes I just wish I could wet the bed, I could potentially, right?)!
  • I am tired all the time, even when I've just got up for the day I'm pretty sure I could go straight back to sleep again, if only I had the chance.
  • I have swollen ankles and wrists - some of my shoes don't fit and I had to have an extra link put back in my watch at the weekend!
  • I can't wait to meet my baby!!!!!

I would like to have a rest but we are constantly on the go trying to get the house in order after the builders built us a new extension. The kitchen is in - YAHOO!!!! And we are so chuffed because it is really beautiful. Before I do show off we are having to paint and clean and mop and clear up and fill cupboards and move stuff and buy stuff and nag the builders to clear up and clear off!!!

It's the nagging that tires me out (the bane of many a woman's life I know!), today they were in the house all day fitting the underfloor heating system and I was so tired and uncomfortable I just wanted to shriek at them to leave me in peace..."JUST GO AWAY, GO AWAY, CAN'T YOU SEE HOW PREGNANT I AM...GO. A. WAY!!!"

You'll be pleased to know that I refrained, Darren was most grateful.  You'll also be pleased to know that pretty soon I might stop moaning and bitching, we live in hope.