loving this stuff

Oh yeah.  I love this stuff.

Decided I needed to get myself some luxury body lotion for afterwards.  You know, afterwards?

After that thing that is about to happen but I still can't quite bring myself to believe it actually is going to happen and goodness knows how I'm ever going to do it!

Yes, that afterwards.

I figured my post-pregnancy body would need to be treated with huge amounts of love and attention, it has done an amazing job over the past nine months and it well deserves it.  I'm quite impressed really especially given the fact that I'm not quite as young and springy as I could be.

I knew I wanted something natural with no parabens or animal testing and Korres ticked all the boxes. They've got such a great range of products and the best bit is they stock them in my local Waitrose, genius!

This stuff smells divine, well it does if you like the, often overwhelming, smell of Jasmin.  If you don't like the smell of Jasmine then you're officially a weirdo anyway but oh my gosh, I just want to slather this all over so I smell like a beautiful flora beast!  It feels soothing and light and I can't stop using it even though it's meant for, you know, afterwards!

I really don't need new reasons to love all things Greek, I'm a complete addict anyway and we keep going back there every year and probably always will.  Everything about the place, the islands in particular, makes my heart swoon and stomach grow. Erm this girl could eat tzatziki and pitta for lunch, swilled down with a tall glass of Mythos beer, every day of the year!

oh just the view from our hotel in Corfu

oh just the view from our hotel in Corfu

The Korres brand, products and completely natural philosophy just make me love it even more, they have a huge range of products that I can't wait to start trying and the nicest packaging and design ever - I know it should be about the product and not the packaging but I'm a sucker for pretty things and anyway the product lives up to the packaging so I'm allowed!!

Please note: I know I sound like an awful television advertorial but I promise you I just bought this and loved it so want to share it with you - all opinions are my own and boy do I have a lot of them.