crocheted heart garland


I love the colours of this garland and whilst it was fairly easy to make I made a right old meal out of doing so.

I don't know about "dedication's all you need" (if you want to be a record breaker), but my middle name on this one was "procrastination".  Boy do I know how to make a WIP painful!  It might have been something to do with the crazy whirlwind that is our life at the moment but when I pick up my crocheting at night I would always pick up something other than this.

Anyhoo, after much humming and hawing, I finally finished it and in time for popping up on the brilliantly, brightly painted, hated by Darren, yellow chimney breast in the baby's room.

I don't know about you but I'm thinking yellow is a good thing, especially with that colourful heart garland set against it.  Just waiting on finding the right picture to go on this wall (I'm torn between two different ones at the moment) and I've got a lovely little set of brightly coloured letters to go on the mantelpiece, nearly getting there for baby (with all of two weeks to go)!!

The colour I used is Farrow and Ball Yellow Ground, don't all rush out to buy it at once now.

The pattern I used for the hearts is a bit tricky and it wasn't until I got to the second to the last one that I realised I was doing something wrong....I'm such a durr brain!  This is what I did for Row 5;  it says to make 2 trebles into the first chain space, 3 trebles into the next, repeat one more time and finish with 2 trebles again but I found this just looked funny so for my last two hearts I added an extra set of 3 trebles* and it turned out a bit better.

Glad I got there in the end, it made the hearts so much prettier to look at, flatter and much less 'crumpled' looking - which is the only word I can think of to explain what the other hearts look like close up, this pink one is the last one I made so not crumpled at all.

To join them I just used a single crochet through the top, didn't do anything fancy, don't think it needs it.   The wool I used was from my Mum, I think she got it free with a crochet magazine.  It's a bit squeaky in the way that only good, cheap acrylic is but I think the colours are perfect and who cares about the quality of your fibres when they are slapped up against a (delightfully pretty) yellow wall.

What do you think?  Garlands? Thumbs up or thumbs down....I was on the fence but now I'm converted.  Yellow walls?  I didn't need converting on this one, I love yellow!!

Have a great weekend everyone.

*2 trebles ch1,  3 trebles ch1, 3 trebles ch1, 3 trebles ch1, 2 trebles....etc