springtime throw is finished!

I can't actually believe that this is finished.

I have made something with my own hands and it is finished and incredible!!! Wowee!

I am in shock.  I don't know what to do with myself.

This bitch of a crochet project was finished yesterday and I was going to wait to post about it until we have the nursery finished so you could see it in its rightful home but please note dear reader, the nursery is not even started yet!!.. and I'm too excited to wait.

The squares were all finished in the week and yesterday I got started on the border.  The pattern says to just do one single crochet around the edge but I thought it would look prettier with a double crochet added to the edge too, somehow it makes it look more like a baby blanket.

I think it finishes it off nicely, thank you very much ma'am!

Now I won't say it has been an easy ride.  You need to be a brave warrior to even attempt this project, this is not to say that I am either brave or a warrior, I was just incredibly naive and it wasn't until I was committed that I realised the error of my ways and by then it was too flipping late!

There were times when I couldn't stand the sight of it, it would make me cross just walking in the room where it lived, we would sit and glare at each other in stony silence.

But on the plus side it's easy to make.  I have to keep reminding myself that this was the first ever crochet project I started and I did so because the squares are really quick and simple.  And it is totally worth it (TOTALLY WORTH IT), because look at it, I mean LOOK AT IT would ya..!!!!

Things you need to know if you want to make this blanket (yup because obviously I have awarded myself the title of authority figure, but then I have spent nine months of my life on it so I figured I would be allowed :o)


The pattern is available in Nicki Trench's book Cute and Easy Crochet. Do not underestimate this book, it is full of brilliant and very easy crochet patterns and I have made loads of other pretty things from it so you should have it in your collection.

If you don't want to buy the book, I think that this pattern was featured in an issue of Mollie Makes, I'm not sure which issue but it was somewhere nearer the start of the year so if you subscribe to MM, have a rummage through your back issues.


I used the Rooster Almerino DK yarn that Nicki uses in the book.  This is the most beautiful yarn ever, the colours are lovely and the wool is soft and pretty but you need to know that it is:

a. difficult to get hold of, and

b. quite expensive

Also if I knew when I started making it that this would end up being a baby blanket then I probably would have used a much softer, infinitely cheaper and more easily washable baby acrylic.


Try to keep your stitches fairly loose and try not to tighten the square up too much when you are sewing in your ends - I made this mistake on way too many of my squares and it made the final stages of crocheting the squares together and edging SO difficult, I had sore fingers and everything!


Sew in the ends as you go along otherwise it will destroy your soul.  I mean it.

So that's it.  I am done and feeling a bit smug, don't hate me for it.  I've never made anything like this before in my life and am usually a bit of a dunce when it comes to making stuff so I have good reason to be.

Let me know if you are going to attempt it, then I can give you encouragement and hardcore training advice to get you through to the end :o)

ps. please forgive the excessive use of capital letters and exclamation marks in this post, it's just that I'm so excited....weeeeeeeeeeeee!!