so how is Tilly?

She's okay.

Bloody cute as ever.

She, like us, is finding the whole kitchen extension 'situation' quite difficult.

She has no access to the garden and so has gone from spending a good proportion of her day running around, chasing birds and eating sticks in the safety of our (stupidly long) garden, to being taken across the road to a lay-by for a wee twice a day in between walks - we sure are a classy bunch in this house!!

To make matters worse we think she has hayfever.  I KNOW! Who knew that dogs got hayfever?? If you all knew this already then yep I feel quite silly now.

It started off with her having conjunctivitis back in June and since then her eyes always seem to be a bit weepy, which they weren't before.


She has also become obsessed with rolling around and rubbing her face in grass and then on the rug when we get home.  We started off thinking this was cute and then it became annoying and finally a bit odd so we googled it.  Yep, hayfever.

The lowdown on doggy hayfever is that it makes their skin itchy and so they roll around and rub a lot to sooth the itch.  It seems that children's benedryl or some such anti-histamine is a good cure but we're not too keen on doing that yet, going to take her to the vets and see what they recommend.  If they say you can't take her out in grassy areas or let her rub herself in the grass then we are going to be a bit buggered to say the least!!

She also has a new admirer.

Well, not really.  Tilly sort of stole Delta's bone and every time Delta tried to get anywhere near her, Tilly turned into a growling, aggressive menace!  Which was a bit of a shock given that she's usually a silly, soppy, playful girl.

Also, and rather unfortunately for us, Tilly has never had a raw meat bone before (whereas it's Delta's staple diet) and so that night she sort of decorated the kitchen floor and was proper poorly for two days.  Oh dear.  My folks were not popular with Darren, who had to clear it up (whoops), but I take full responsibility, I shouldn't have let her near the bone and as penance I spent the day bleaching the kitchen floor repeatedly to try and get rid of the icky smell.  This is a pleasant blog post isn't it, bet you're dead chuffed to be reading about dog poop on a Wednesday morning!!

So once again vegetarians rule, meat is for losers and it's back to dried food and carrots for our delicate little flower.

Remember kids, you're always safe with a carrot!