pregnancy at 31 weeks

31 weeks pregnant feels large.

There you go, should just end this blog post now because that is all I have to say on the matter.  I am large, I feel large, I look large.

Darren thinks it's quite amusing because from the back I don't look terribly big but as I turn round it becomes eye-wateringly evident that I am with child.  Ha, with child is my fave preggers expression of all, makes me feel like I'm a character in a Jane Austen novel.  You should also note that up the duff makes me smirk a bit too!

Everything is going swimmingly.  I still feel good albeit a little uncomfortable, I keep misjudging the size of my belly and knocking into door frames and it hurts, done it twice now so must make a note to myself "belly is huge, watch out"!   Still out and about though, walking Tilly and lunching with pals, quite glad I'm not working though, don't think I could cope with doing a full day's actual, real-life work!

I am however working on the last essay I need to write to complete my degree (jut an exam to go and then I'm done) and also hooking like a mad thing to finish the baby blanket in plenty of time so there's not too much slacking in the Bloom household.

I had my iron levels checked mid-month and they came back okay which was a bit of surprise.  I thought that being vegetarian might make them a bit low but I've been taking an iron supplement (which tastes hideous!) so that must be working.

The other good news is that I can still fit into some of my normal clothes, I was particularly pleased to be able to fit (just) into this French Connection maxi dress!

I think it fits because it's empire line and the underboob tie kind of makes it look like it actually is a maternity dress (seperating the boob from the belly is always a good move in my humble opinion).    I was pleased as punch wearing it though, I swished about like I was again in that Jane Austen novel (oh Mr Darcy), sensing a theme, maybe it's something to do with my name!

I also got to wear my favourite summer sandals.  Sandal wearing and getting one's toes out in the fresh air has been a bit of a rarity this summer so I jumped at the chance to get these bad boys of bling on my feet.  I love them, I love them....Yahoo!

Right I have to get going and take Tilly out before the Olympic gymastics starts.  I love it although it makes me all emotional but then everything makes me all emotional at the moment, I have cried listening to the radio, adverts on the telly, the opening ceremony and virtually every Olympic event that I've watched.

Have a great week (pregnant, weepy or otherwise).