how to be a pregnant bride

You got a giant baby bump?


You got a big fat ass?


Your boobs have taken on a life of their own?

Check, check, check.

Then combine all these things with you going to the chapel to get married and you qualify to be a pregnant bride or to put it another way (and my particular favourite way), you've got yourself a shotgun wedding, hurrah for you.

Your prize?  Well, um. There isn't really a prize (apart from that dish you get to marry) but you have to kinda make the best of it and know that everyone, I mean EVERYONE, will stare at you.  Once you get your head round that, it's easy peasy, especially if you run off and do it in secret like we did, this strategy properly limits the number of people who can stare at you and it worked for me.

I tried not to panic.  Even when the registry office said they couldn't fit us in until mid-July and I had phoned in April thinking I'd get a date sometime in May or June or in other words sometime when my bump wasn't too giant.  But 18th July, that would put me at 30 weeks pregnant and oh my gosh I was worried about looking like pregnant Jessica Simpson (ie. massive!) and doing that sort of waddle thing down the Kings Road, classy!

The dress I got was from an online maternity shop called Tiffany Rose and yes I found it by googling "maternity wedding dress" and yes that did make me chuckle and momentarily wonder if I ever thought I would be googling that particular phrase ever in my life (the answer was a resounding NO).

They have the prettiest maternity wedding dresses, and I know it's a bit stable door, horse bolted to wear white (or cream or indeed ivory as I believe my dress is), when you have a giant baby belly sticking out the front of you but I wanted to look bridey and they had lots to choose from... so many that it was actually quite hard to choose the 'one'.

I knew I wanted a short dress and I knew I wanted a low neckline so I didn't look like two boobs and a bump on a stick (obviously I still did but my mind is glossing over that particular fact), so that narrowed things down a bit and I eventually chose the one I'm wearing which is called the Flutter Dress.

All their dresses are sized as dual sizes so if you feel a bit inbetweeny and are not sure what size to go for you feel safe..well I did anyway given that I bought the dress ages ago and wasn't sure what size I would be on the day.

As it happened though, the dress is made from the stretchiest fabric known to man and I reckon I could have fitted two baby bumps in it.  It was super comfortable and made me feel like a million dollars, I especially like the white ribbon as a finishing touch, like wrapping your big belly up and presenting it on a I am! (note: this will only work if there is actually a baby in there)!!

I added a beautiful gold filigree brooch that belonged to Darren's beloved Mum and as she is no longer with us we felt that it added something extra special to the day, it made both of us a bit teary when we put it on the dress anyway.

What else can I tell you?  I'm not going to say wear comfy flat shoes because that would just be wrong, what bride wants to wear comfy flats??

But I will say this, wear whatever makes you feel good because frankly you'll look lovely anyway because you are blooming.  Don't overdo it (no frou-frous, muu-muus, kaftans or ballgowns), keep it simple and smile.