It makes me ever so slightly mad that it's almost the end of June and we have had hardly any sunshine.  Is it wrong to be mad with the weather??  Being British it does seem to be a waste of energy.

Well it is actually the first month of British summertime and it should be (in my fantasy world) full of sunshine and flowers, maxi dresses, suncream, strawberries, Pimms, super-high wedges, sunglasses and happy Ascot racegoers. 

Instead we've had gale force winds and floods, jumpers and socks, builders not turning up because of torrential rain and a kagoul requirement to walk the dog. 

To be honest I'm convinced that I secretly love our outrageous weather, gives me something to moan about and if it gets too hot I can't handle it anyway!

The really good news is that most of the June flowers are out.

The forest is preferably for walking because it's quiet but it gets really boggy when it's wet so I have to take her to the park which has become a bit of a battleground because we think Tilly has entered her teenager stage!  In fact we're convinced she has as she keeps running off and scaring small children and dogs by going all wolfy with her hackles up, it's not very nice, I hope we're not scarring small children for life!

She's not quite so scary when she's up to this.

You just know that as she's rolling around in the grass, inside she is going "YAY!!!"

I like the fact that blue and yellow wildflowers so often grow together.

And these pink bells are lovely and dangly and properly scrumptious.

Hope you've had a nice Saturday and it's been full of flowers and sunny where you are.