just another Friday

This made me smile.  Could Tilly be any more fabulous.

I can still see my feet but only just, this is fabulous too!

Could these paws be any bigger?

Visited the folks today for an early Fathers' Day visit to Dad and Delta looked big! Her and Tilly were very sweet together, that is after Tilly got over the fact that another puppy was MORE annoying than her!

This is what I came home to at lunchtime!  Lovely stuff for my builders to advertise to the world.

To explain, the builders had removed our waste pipe from the bathroom to underpin the house (as apparently there hasn't been anything there holding our house up for the last 100 or so years!!!), so any flush would just drop straight down on to their unfortunate heads..hence big sign in big letters outside front door.

What do you think the first thing I do is?  Yes, flushed the loo!  I didn't mean to, spent the whole time on the loo telling myself "I must not flush, I must not flush" and then it just happened, like, automatically, and whilst the building inspector was here.

So they were all stood around the removed pipe discussing the underpinning in very serious tones and then whoosh, loads of wee falls out of the sky onto their heads....THE HORROR!!!

Oh well, as I said to them, it could have been MUCH worse!