simple 3D crochet flowers

To be frank with you, I flipping love these little crochet flowers from Donna's Crochet Designs.

I made my first one ages ago, loved it, put it to one side, got distracted, one project led to another, got carried away, forgot about it, found it in a drawer this week and pulled my finger out to make some more.  Hurrah!

I'm glad I did, are they not the prettiest things?

I'm using the RICO Design Essentials Cotton DK to make them.  It's ever so smooth and silky and perfect for this pattern.

Using this thinner cotton seems to show off the design of the flower a bit better, plus they seem to have a sheen to them that I love.  I might try the pattern out in a wool mix, see how they turn out.

The other thing I love about them is that they're 3D...and stackable too :o)

I'm not finished with this project yet, I'm going to do one in each colourway and then (and only then), I'm going to sit down and have a think about what to do with them.  My first thoughts are for a pretty garland.  Watch this space.

Anyway, one more gratuitous shot of this extreme crochet loveliness.

If you want to make these, the free pattern is also available at Ravelry.