goodbye to May

Last day of May.  Cold again in Blighty.

Tilly went to the vets yesterday, she has had gammy, gummy eyes for a few days and my usual homemade black tea eyewash wasn't working.

We got there and the vet put some dye in her eyes to check for cuts and scratches and two seconds later her nose went luminous green!!

Ha, she looks so funny - apparently this is completely normal and it went away after a few minutes.

I've had a horribly busy month and haven't blogged nearly enough about the things I love the most;  crochet and crafty stuff.  The good news is that my uni schedule is easing off now, in fact I finish in October :o), so I should be able to finish all my outstanding crafty projects and get my crochet on again.

Hope you all had a wonderful May, here's to a sunny and warm June (I just jinxed it didn't I???).

ps. Tilly has conjunctivitis - who knew dogs got that!!!