the best thing about having a dog

The absolute best thing about having a dog is getting out there and having a walk every day. 

Every single day, without fail, this huge, bouncy canine of ours has to be walked.  So there are no excuses, there is no getting out of it, rain or shine (and lets face it, it's been rain, rain, rain here for the past month), Tilly must be walked.  It is such a privilege.

And such a pleasure to watch her bounding around with joy, she LOVES it.  In particular she loves, in order of preference:

1. chasing squirrels

2. rolling around in grass - she hasn't rolled in fox poo yet but we fear the time is coming

3. jumping in and drinking from puddles, the bigger the better

4. chasing pine cones - we are fazing this out as she is so OBSESSED with them!

5. chasing the ball and then not bringing it back because she's gotten distracted

6. chasing birds - birds are the devil man!

7. digging

8. sniffing stuff (usually wee and poo)

9. getting treats

10. going home (nah not really, she pulls a face and everything when the lead goes back on).

Would YOU be able to resist this face??

I have just had a period of not being able to walk her every day and I hated it.  I missed her so much, she went off me a bit and everything, and I also missed flowers.

These flowers look so tropical, very impressed.  The bluebells still haven't come out in incredible numbers anywhere, I think because it's been so wet and we've had zero sun - maybe if May is a bit sunnier we'll see carpets of blue everywhere - I hope so.

Don't get me wrong, there are other great things about having a dog, too many to mention really but her full body wag when she sees you for the first time in a while (sometimes just after an hour of being apart), ranks up there at the top - she is the best thing ever, she really properly is.

Right then, off out for a walk with Tilly and my good old Dad today.  Have a great day.