I heart The Little Paris Kitchen

My current favourite lady in the whole wide world is Rachel Khoo.  She is really awesome and has the best and tiniest kitchen ever - well the best Moroccan tiles in the best and tiniest kitchen ever anyway, check them out.

Yes that's right, we are looking at the tiles people, not Rachel's loveliness.

She is such an inspiration.  A Croydon gal who dreamed of living in Paris and learning to cook at Le Cordon Bleu so she just went and did it.  She now lives in a tiny studio flat in the Belleville neighbourhood of Paris which she turns into Paris's smallest restaurant in the evenings.  How cool is that?

Her aim is to show that French cooking doesn't have to be complicated and she proves that every time, and I'm a vegetarian so can't eat most of the stuff she makes (the French love meat and fish above all things, apart from maybe fags and red wine!).  My favourites so far are her lemon curd filled madeleines.


..and last night's lentil salad which I can't find the recipe for on the BBC website but will hunt it down and attempt to make it, she used beetroots, lentilles vertes and goats cheese and it looked divine!

She has written two cookery books in French and now her new book is out, the one that accompanies her BBC television show, The Little Paris Kitchen.  If you've missed it so far, check it out.  Well worth a watch just to see what can be achieved with a tiny workspace and a miniature oven.

We salute you cool lady Khoo.

ps. The Little Paris Kitchen is not my current favourite TV cookery show (sorry Rachel), that position goes to the excellent Hairy Bikers and their Bakeation which is currently showing on BBC2 as well.  These guys combine stunning scenery with tasty baked treats and make me hoot with laughter every single time, you simply MUST watch this.