the world's best lip balm

I am a lip balm addict.

This addiction has taken many forms over the years but has stayed with me since being very small.  I still remember my first lip balm, it was grape flavoured and bought in Hong Kong where we lived at that time.  I can't remember its name, just that it smelt nice.

My second lip balm and probably the one that started this whole thing (thing, addiction, compulsion, whatever), was an Avon Little Blossom lip balm which made me feel very sophisticated when I was, oh, eleven.

And so after many years and a lifetime of lip balm purchases, I can confidently tell you that there is only one lip balm that properly fixes really sore and cracked lips and only one lip balm (or wonder product as it is often referred as) that really hydrates your average chapped and dry lips.

First things first, here is my current collection, now I'm pretty sure there are others dotted around the house, these are just the ones I collected up from handbags, drawers, pencil cases and pockets this morning.  Yes. I know.

Is it normal to have this many lip balms? And after lining them all up I realise that the one I consider to be the very best is not there. The only real cure for massively chapped lips is Blistex Relief Cream.

I mean seriously this stuff is ACE!  It tingles when it goes on, makes your lips look lush and shiny and fixes every tatty, sore and chapped lip ever.  I am now slightly concerned that I don't have this in my current line up! 

The second best product for your lips is Eight Hour Cream. Good lord, this stuff is good.  I'm not sure how a person could live without it.  It is so thick and soothing and I always put this on before I go to sleep so I wake up with some super smooth filter tips.

Finally, the original and quite possibly the best of the rest is good old ChapStick. Just brilliant and cheap as chips. Buy some.