29 February 2012

Crazy leap year stuff means we have an extra day to enjoy this year.

Here are some essential facts.

Today is called a leap day and it only happens once every four years in years that are divisible by the number 4. 

Those born on a leap day are called leaplings and only get to celebrate once every four years.  They have to chose between celebrating on the 28 February or 1 March and legally (in the UK anyway) become adults on 1st March of the corresponding year.

But, the most famous fact about leap day is the tradition that a woman may propose marriage to a man instead of the other way round today, for one day only.  So, if your man is dragging his heels, get down on that bended knee ladies and do some asking.

I would ask Darren if he wants to marry me but he got in there first! So happy.