springtime throw update

Here they are, my little lovelies in all their glory....big beaming smile on my face too.

So my springtime throw is now well underway and last night I reached the one hundred squares milestone....hurrah!

It feels so good to have made it this far, I'm still really enjoying it - even though each teeny tiny square has six ends to sew in - yes SIX ends each to be individually sewn in to ensure they don't come loose with future use!  Crazy stuff.

In order to maintain my sanity I'm sewing in as I go along, I couldn't face having to do it all at the end, oh no...and I think I might try and step it up a bit or else I'll still be making this blanket in the summer and I'll miss the springtime that the blanket is named after.

I've lined them all up neatly in little piles (they look so cute!), and am going to have to find somewhere to stash them like this as the piles grow, a shelf or drawer perhaps.  I'm currently lusting after this blogger's idea of storing them in a (rather pretty) suitcase.  Genius!

The yarn I'm using is really nice too, it's called Rooster Almerino DK and it's 50% baby alpaca (do they mind giving up their hair?), and 50% merino wool so is soft and lovely to work with. 100 squares has used two balls of Cornish (the dreamy cream main colour) but there is still quite a bit left on each of the first balls of the other colours; Gooseberry, Smoothie, Strawberry Cream, Custard, Glace and Grape.