review of 2011

2011 was a fabulous year.  We did so much, saw so much, went to so many places and had our ups and downs but always, almost always had loads of fun.  2011 is known in our house as the year of the dog.

Cataloguing the year month by month is a great way to remember your year and it's made me realise just how blooming good it was.

Roll on 2012 and may it be a wonderful year for everybody.  Happy New Year!

January was quiet and a wee bit gloomy but we got our thank you letters written for our Christmas presents and we went for some lovely walks in the countryside.  January was when we decided to get a dog and started to think how we could make that happen.

In February we became Godparents to our nephew and niece. We went to see our favourite singer in the whole wide world, Mr Ray Lamontagne, at the Royal Festival Hall on the Southbank in London. We also decided I should take redundancy so we could make the dog thing happen...gulp.

March is my Birthday month and we celebrated by going to the Lake District, staying in a lovely cottage on Ullswater and climbing a mountain.  Helvellyn you are my bitch!  We also wallpapered for the first time ever, incredibly stressful but well worth it for the glamorous results.  At then end of the month I left work and was terribly sad about it not at all!

In April we went to pick our puppy and when we got to the farm there were only two girls left - we chose this little pickle and she was named Tilly that day, posh name being Matilda Mahinda Moorhen, too cute.  We also started work on our enormous garden to try and turn it into an allotment - some small success there but not as great as we would like.

In May Tilly was old enough to come home with us.  I had already forgotten how little and cute she was back then so these pictures made me smile the most.  The whole month consisted of vet visits, picking up poop and family and friends coming over for a peek.  We fell in love.

In June we went on holiday to Corfu, what a gorgeous, hot and sunny place.  We relaxed.

July was a snoozy month, I had a bad leg and went to a chiropractor for the first time (interesting) and had hayfever for only the second time in my life..grr!

August was hectic.  We went visiting our friends and Tilly met her new partner in crime, Parker the Springer Spaniel.  I started blogging and wrote my first blog  about wildflowers.  We went to the cinema to see our favourite film of the year, The Skin I Live Ina brilliant and wicked story from Pedro Almodovar starring Antonio Banderas.

In September we had our new drive and pathway laid - the bliss of having a nice paved path to walk on should never be underestimated.  Walking was the theme of the month as Tilly grows, she needs more and more exercise.  Exhausted just thinking about it.  We visited our family in Manchester for the first time and loved it.

October was really special, my two Birthdays and a trip to Malta with our fabulous friends and it was my first time (they've all been loads) so really special.  I loved it, so pretty and more importantly such great food!

November was crunch time. Darren was offered a job in San Francisco so we went out for a visit to  see if we wanted to live there.  We didn't for a whole raft of reasons and luckily he was offered another job, this time in no moving house...phew.  This is the month I taught myself to crochet.

Lovely, lovely December.  I heart Christmas so we dressed up the dog for our cards, made them as tacky and glorious as possible.  We got a beautiful tree, played our Christmas Mario Lanza CD a lot, saw loads of friends and family, ate sackfuls of food and ensured we drank lots of champagne too.  Hurrah.

I hope you had a great 2011.  Let's hear it for 2012 the year of the .........