some Tilly fun

It's been ages since I did a Tilly post, you would almost think she had disappeared.

Not a chance sailor, she is bigger, bouncier and funnier than ever but is growing up and luckily (thankfully) turning into quite a good girl so she doesn't get herself into so many scrapes.

Since the last time I wrote about her majesty:

1. had the snip - her bits have gone!

2. found her voice - she likes a bark, we are not encouraging her.

3. become a teenager - when we are out with her she totally ignores us and goes off to do her own thing.

4. discovered water - any walk that involves water is now her favourite walk.

5. developed some rather strange habits - see below!

6. likes a cuddle - she now comes up on the sofa and will squeeze herself in to the smallest spaces just to be next to us.....very cute!

I meanwhile have put a few Tilly videos on YouTube, not great quality as from my phone (which puts those black lines down the side) but quite funny just the same.

Her water obsession is a bit odd.  She doesn't like it too deep and doesn't actually swim or anything but rather she gets in and tries to eat it...very weird but amusing all the same.

Yesterday the pond was frozen completely over and she couldn't figure out why she couldn't get at the water.  She does attempt a few scratches and nibbles though.

Her bad habits are not restricted to walks either.  She has taken rather a liking to the shower.  You have to be so careful to shut the bathroom door otherwise she'll come running in and spend the entire time trying to get in with you and eating the water.  This results in her head getting rather wet and often soapy and the bathroom turning into a soggy and very hairy mess!!

She also has a new tuggy toy - this will be her third or fourth as Darren has a habit of lobbing them into the trees!

And a new set of disco lights for all the walking in the dark we've been doing (I say we but it's Darren who does the majority of the early morning and night time walks)!

Talking of walks, we are just off out for our second of the day, this morning it was very very cold or as the meter reader man said to me "Taters"!!!! Love it.