fitbit for fitness

So I'm not usually one to covet my neighbours ox or anything but the other day whilst walking Tilly in the forest we bumped into our neighbours and one of them showed us his Fitbit! Ooh matron!!

The Fitbit is a bit like a fancy pedometer, it tracks your daily steps, distance travelled, calories burned and activity levels and all that in this cutesy little bit of plastic that neatly clips onto your clothes.

Needless to say we went home and scooted around the internet for more information and ended up buying one.

So now I love my Fitbit. Of course.  I wear it every day and trot about trying to reach my 10,000 steps goal - easy peasy some days, not so great other days.

So that you can monitor your progress, you register with Fitbit and then all your data is downloaded whenever you charge the device or it syncs.  You have a profile, where you register your goals and set your preferences.  You can choose what your Fitbit displays and you can also choose your preferred goal, mine is 70,000 weekly steps and as you can see I'm just over half way there - and it's only Thursday...hurrah.

You can also log your food or other activities that might not register on the device - such as yoga or weight training and it's so super whizzy that you can even wear it at night to monitor your sleep.  It logs when you go to sleep, how many times you wake up in the night and the time you get up, it then uses this data to give you a sleep efficiency percentage.

I don't really get on with wearing it at night though, it wakes me up too much plus I got some really weird readings the few times I used it and so I'm not sure it's the greatest (or most popular) feature of the device.

You can view all your data in different graphs, which is quite cool (if you like that kind of thing) but I appear to spend waaaaay too much time being lightly active compared to being very active, which is slightly discouraging, so I don't often look at this bit.  I blame crochet for this.  Absolutely.  Remember kids, choose sedentary activities at your peril!

You can share your stats, join groups of Fitbit fanatics or start your own.  You can compare your fitness and activity levels with other users and even tweet your daily stats....blimey, I wonder if doing all this stuff counts as an additional activity??

Anyway, my review of the fabby Fitbit is this; brilliant little product, great for keeping an eye out on your daily fitness levels and making sure you move enough every day.  The sleep function is a bit clunky and not it's greatest feature but everything else, especially the online dashboard is great. 

Pricey (I think) and a pedometer works just as well but worth it for the additional functionality, and the sheer satisfaction of realising you've climbed up stairs (or floors as Mr Fitbit puts it), equal to the height of the world's largest pencil..!!! Go figure.