loving these cross stitch projects


Years ago I had a friend who loved to cross stitch and I couldn't quite figure out why.

Then a couple of years ago I heard about Urban Cross Stitch and in particular I saw one of their kits that I really wanted to make called Thug For Life. Cross stitch and yet funky.

So Santa got me the Thug For Life kit two years ago.  I was dead chuffed, spent ages figuring out what to do, finally managed to make some progress and then I met Darren!  Dun dun durrrrrrr....everything change, cross stitch relegated to the bottom drawer for, like, EVER.

I only got it out again when we were going through our San Francisco moment, must have been the stress!

 progress at 5th January 2012

progress at 5th January 2012

But out it came and I hadn't done as much as I thought so I've been really working hard to get it done asap for two reasons:

a. it will look really cool in a frame on our bathroom wall, and

b. i've got a lovely new kit from Emily Peacock to begin and I couldn't possibly have two on the go, I would get proper told off, by myself..  Here it is, I am in love with it....obvs.

In other news, my cousin Emily got married to her boy Mark on 30 December.  It was a fabulous day, we had so much fun and really liked their chosen venue, Great Fosters, which was built as a royal hunting lodge in 1550!

I had decided (not sure why) that I would make a little embroidery hoop of cross stitch flowers for them, well for her really because Mark will probably look at it and think....what on earth is it?, understandably, he is a boy.