vintage crochet granny blanket

So this crochet blanket is easily over forty years old and has been in Darren's family for ever.

It was originally made by his great aunt Min and famously worn by his Mum as part of her pirate fancy dress outfit back in the 1970s so he has lots of fond memories of it and when he saw it was falling apart he rushed it back home and asked me to save it.


 coming apart at the seams!

coming apart at the seams!

It's proper falling apart, lots of the seams have come away, there is one whole square missing (how on earth? maybe a mouse ate it), and lots of tassels have gone (probably by way of that same mouse) too.

It is a bit of a a daunting project, I don't want to ruin it with my crappy sewing and crochet but you can't just let all that history fall apart... so I have started to repair it with lots of love and attention to detail.

Now it's not proving to be that easy, the wool originally used is so flattened and old that anything I crochet or sew in with new, fat, fluffy wool just looks obvious.  It's not so bad on the seams that are black but fixing up that missing square might prove tricky.

Also, you just can't get some of the colours used back then, there are some really retro cool colours in the blanket and the blue was impossible to match.  In the end I just went for the best shade navy blue as possible, it looks okay, you can't tell too much.

For the missing square I will used pink and white as that is what looks to have been used before, hopefully it won't look too out of place.

One last picture, just cos it's so retro coloured pretty :o)


Right I'm off to make bungalow pie for our dinner, I'll update you on great aunt Min's blanket when it's finished.