how to crochet a bird

Here's the thing, I saw a little crocheted bird somewhere...not sure where, but I thought that's pretty darn cute, gotta be making me one of those.

Then I got a crochet book for Christmas  and I saw there was a crochet bird pattern in it.  The pattern was for a little birdie pin and I thought they were really pretty, so (perhaps foolishly) thought there would be no problem in making myself some of them bad boys.

How wrong could I be.

My first attempt was ridiculous.  Ha ha, what. is. it?  Think I might have gone wrong somewhere around his tail area.  Not good.

My second was hilarious.  Now, I thought I had done really well with this one, I'd really properly followed the pattern and was most upset when this is how he turned out!

And my third attempt, and you would think I would be getting slightly better and almost have it by now, is just unmentionable.  I mean, I'm slightly embarrassed to share it with you but what the heck, have a laugh.  I did.


Fortunately (or not) I'm a bit stubborn and refused to give up.  Went searching for a different pattern and found this one  by Linda Permann which seemed a little easier to understand.

And then... finally, FINALLY, I made a bird that I'm really rather proud of and you met the lovely little bleeder at the top of this post, complete with cute orange beak and pretty, pretty pink wing and tail.  I love him.