a trip to Malta

 yeah, she's a little bit gorgeous isn't she???

yeah, she's a little bit gorgeous isn't she???

So we are off to Malta tomorrow morning and Tilly is going away too.  She is going to stay with a lovely dog-walker lady called Tracy and will spend her days off walking in the forest with Tracy and her daily dogs, between ten and twelve of them. We think it will be great for her too (although will fret about her constantly), she needs that interaction with other dogs and Tracy has a dog too so Tilly will be sharing a house - again good experience for her.  It's going to be weird handing her over and saying goodbye tomorrow morning, what's the betting I have a little cry....gulp.

I'm really looking forward to visiting Malta, I've never been and Darren's family is from there so it's going to be like finally getting to see something that is talked about often and loved a lot.  Plus it's great because I can finally start to join in the conversation.

Also I'm so looking forward to some sunshine - although it's been lovely this week, warm and sunny - it's been quite nice getting all my summer holiday clothes out again, sundresses, swimsuits, flip flops...hurrah.

We are meeting our friends at the airport and travelling to their apartment in Mellieha, looking forward to experiencing the Maltese way of life.