just walking the dog

I love autumn, oh have I mentioned that already?

This year it's been made even more special because we are walking Tilly in the forest every day and boy do we live next to a good one.  We're so bloody lucky to live across the road from Swinley Forest a huge expanse of trees and loveliness, all owned by the Queen (it's part of the Crown Estate), but her generosity means that us commoners can tramp around in there to our hearts content.

So we've just finished mushroom season. They've all pretty much died off, or been picked, crazy mushroom pickers were often to be found ferreting around in the undergrowth!  There were some really pretty ones this year and some monster ones too.

 it's a mushroom that looks like a steak and kidney pie!

it's a mushroom that looks like a steak and kidney pie!

It's lovely when the sun shines at this time of the year, it's a different kind of light, lower in the sky and it really brings out all the colours and makes everything look so much prettier.

Every time I try to take a good picture Tilly comes running and stands right in shot, I'm sure she does it deliberately.