walking the dog

She likes a walk does our Tilly.  And as she gets older you can tell she needs more and more, she kind of gets a bit restless (annoying) and pulls all her blankets and toys out of her bed and brings them over to us as if to say "see what I've had to resort to because I'm so BORED"!!!  Yeah, she ain't subtle.

She was on two walks a day but now she's six months we decided to up it to three walks a day.  So she goes out first thing in the morning with her Dad (bless him for getting up at 6:30am every day), a lunchtime walk with her Mum and then a walk with both of us in the evening.  Phew....I'm tired even writing about it.

We think she's happier, she certainly seems it when we're out and about.  She has developed a stick 'thing' where she finds the biggest stick she can and they carries it around...hmmm.

However, there is a slight downside to all this dog walking, she likes to pull and not in the good way, and no matter what training we've done with her (and we've done a lot!), she still continues to pull.

Now she's getting bigger she is becoming a bit harder to control, I find that I was getting sort of dragged along the road and she's nearly had me over a couple of times when she's seen something interesting and tried to dart off!

So we spoke to a dog trainer and he suggested trying the Halti. Oof we didn't really want it to come to that but they come with high praise as being the only solution to stop a pully dog.  So we got one.  Here is her face.

What do you think her face is saying.  NOT amused.  AT ALL.

Anyway, it really bloody works, she physically CAN'T pull because if she does the Halti tugs her face to the side, so walking has become altogether less about the pull, instead it has become all about the injustice of the Halti.  The injustice!!

How DARE we INSULT her by putting such a thing on her face...blah, blah, blah.  Now we walk down the road with her holding back, rubbing her face on our legs, rubbing her legs on her face....you can catch my drift huh.  So we are just unsure at the moment.  We are persevering with the Halti because at least she is getting out of the pulling habit but it has created a whole new set of problems.   MEH!!

ps. she rough-housed a little dog today on our walk.  Really, really embarrassing, I had to run over and get her (yeah, when she goes into the 'zone' her recall training goes out of the window), and she had pinned the poor thing on the ground and was growling like one of Higgins' dobermans on Magnum PI, the horror!  I had to shout her name really loud to get her head up so I could grab her collar and take her away from the situation, oh dear, I have the walking blues today.