the dog with the swollen nose

So I was out walking Tilly the other day with my Dad and Tilly is galloping about being her usual self, racing around and snuffling out pine cones - which are her favourite thing especially if you kick them for her to chase.

No drama, get her back to the car and give her some water, still no drama.  Go to the garden centre to get some flowers for my window boxes.  Still no drama.  Return to the car with said flowers and Tilly has transformed into a dog I do not know.  Her nose has grown, swollen right up and is massive, she looks really odd.

So feeling a bit panicked now, get back to Dad's and have a closer look.  She is acting fine, drinks some more water and eats her lunch with her usual gusto, which calms me down a bit.

I google 'why has my dog got a swollen nose' and most answers says either a bee or wasp sting or a spider's bite.  Bizarrely the solution most readily advised is to give the dog Benedryl, really?

I don't feel at all comfortable giving my pupski a human antihistamine but it appears to be commonly used and reduces the swelling of a histamine reaction in the same way for dogs as for humans.  I NEVER knew that, you really do learn a new thing every day!

Anyway, we didn't give her Benedryl, not least because we didn't have any.  Instead we bathed her nose, and her eye which was also swollen, with cold water and a few hours later she was much better....phew.  By the evening all the swelling was gone and she was back to being her usual Tilly self playing tuggy.

Well I have to say we are relieved because she is so darn cute, we couldn't bear anything happening to her, another lesson learned along the road of bringing up puppy.

Happy dog walking, watch out for them mean ass wasps.