audrey's all bran cake recipe

I made three cakes this week, I mean that's got to be a record, right?

I can't believe I've made that many cakes, especially when I have a new appreciation of skinny jeans which definitely means cake has to be off the menu.  Instead last Saturday I made a beetroot and chocolate cake, vegetable flavoured cake oh yum.  Plus Audrey's All Bran cake, yes I know, bit weird but stick with me on this, it gets better.

And today I made Delia Smith's all-in-one sponge, the original and the best.

The beetroot and chocolate cake recipe was found on the BBC Good Food website which I went in search of because I had so many beetroots from my garden, and I had heard that you could make cake with them so I thought, why not!

Glad I made it too because it was lovely, really moist and delicious and chocolatey.  Everyone who tried it did say they couldn't taste the beetroot which does kind of raise the question as to why bother but all in all a success.

The trouble with this cake is this it tastes too darn good and once it was in the house it proved difficult to resist.  Warmed in the microwave and served with a dollop of crème fraiche....oh my.  Won't be making it again just because I really don't want it winking at me from the Tupperware, whispering "eat me, go on, you know you want to" argh shut-up lovely cake!!

Moving on to Audrey's All Bran cake, other breakfast cereals are available, I'm just not sure if you can make cake with them, which sounds a trifle odd and to be honest we were dubious when she offered it up. Erm, it's a cake (yum) made with All Bran (yuk).

But it tastes surprisingly good, really dense and loafy, yes it's more of a loaf, and is a cinch to make, all you do is take:

1 cup of All Bran

1 cup of sultanas

1 cup of sugar

And soak them with 1 cup of milk in a bowl for about 45 minutes.

Then add

1 cup of self raising flour and a handful of chopped nuts (optional)

give it a stir, bung it in a greased or lined loaf tin and cook for about an hour on gas mark 5 or 6.  You'll know its ready when a poked in skewer comes out clean.

Ta dah.  Cake is done, really good stodge so great if you are going walking or hiking or stuck in the wilderness with your hand trapped behind a rock.  You would seriously last for MONTHS let alone 127 hours on this stuff.

And so we spent the week eating cake, I managed to give some of it away to unsuspecting visitors but on the whole, we ate it....yes we did.

We get to the weekend and I think cake consumption is off the menu when Darren returns from having a tooth pulled.  Poor love, he was feeling very sorry for himself (in fairness, it was a big tooth he had pulled and he was in quite bad pain, couldn't eat much and looked like a lopsided chipmunk), so I thought I'd make him Delia's good old all-in-one sponge.

I love this recipe and use it all the time, it's an amazing sponge and almost never goes wrong, awesome huh, you don't get much better than Delia.

So there we have it, confessions of a cake addict part one.....I do hope that part two is a long way off, I feel a bit sick.