a book and a film - Eat, Pray, Love

Have you read this book/seen this film yet?

Now I thought the book was alright, I just about managed it (particularly difficult with much tutting from Mr P about it being trashy), and honestly I felt it was well-written and had a few funny, classic moments.  But as a whole, it's quite an annoying book because all she does it talk about herself!!  I mean this woman is OBSESSED with HERSELF (just a little, maybe?), and I felt that an altogether better title for the book would have been Eat, Pray, Moan.

What's funny is that my Mum said exactly the same thing, "it was alright but gosh can't she moan" ha ha....so I'm clearly not the only person to think this erm unless 'constructive' criticism runs in the family perhaps.

So it was with some trepidation that I pressed play on Anytime the other day but you know, it was raining, I needed something to watch whilst I ate lunch, something easy to digest.

Now here is the thing, the film stars Julia Roberts which is such a coincidence because practically the only person in the world who is obsessed with themselves more that Liz Gilbert is Julia Roberts and I am definitely not the only person in the world to think this...she is even immortalised in Family Guy talking about....well guess.

Seriously though, the locations were beautiful, particularly when she is in Rome.  And her favourite word - Attraversiamo - is indeed quite exquisite on the tongue.

But in my opinion the film is mainly worth watching for the last half hour in which the wonderful Javier Bardem appears as her love interest.  Lets face it any film with Javier Bardem is worth watching, well, apart from Goya's Ghosts which is terrible.  And if you can finish off a year long quest with a man like Javier Bardem, well good for you.