potential drugs dog maybe?

I don't know, Tilly's nose just keeps on getting her into trouble.

Yesterday it was this!

I had a job keeping the camera still, I was laughing so much. 

The park where we walk every day were painting the lines for the football pitches and she went running over to investigate.  I didn't think anything of it until she came running back to me.  I had to get her to sit down so I could capture her shame, and then I remembered that I was a responsible dog owner, got my tissues out and cleaned her up.

It didn't all come off, some was stuck round her nostrils (I'm still laughing now as I type), so I checked with the line men (not from Wichita sadly), that it wasn't toxic (see, am proper responsible dog owner) and off we went home.

She is a funny girl and sure makes me laugh, I expect other dog walkers think I'm a little odd, well what's the point of having a dog if you can't laugh at it.

She's just so leggy and long that when she runs she looks a bit like a bendy bus; her front goes one way and her back goes the other.  She also skids a lot, especially when running around corners.  She doesn't know her own speed and I think her long legs confuse her sometimes.

We love her, long legs and all.  She'll be six months tomorrow which means she goes from three to two meals a day, oh dear. I'm pretty certain she'll be a bit moody about that new development, she likes her food, does our Tilly.