another Tilly post

The first week of puppy ownership was a bizarre kind of hell, we spent the whole week in shock and awe that a puppy could cry so much - the first night she cried herself hoarse! This may be because we were determined to have her sleeping in her crate in the kitchen from day one (in hindsight this was brave but ultimately foolish as we didn't sleep anyway), hence crying herself hoarse.

However, crate doubters (and we know you're out there), let it be known that through reading the puppy books (and definitely not through our intelligence), we learnt to make her love her crate by filling it with lovely doggy stuff like blankets and toys and treats, and more treats, and some more treats...and.  It works! She loves it and will often take herself off to her 'place' if she needs to rest or be is very sweet to see her do that all by herself.

So first thing was to get her happy with her crate...done.  Next was to get her to pee and poo outside. 

This was tricky for the first week or so although for the most part she did get it but quite often she would just pee on the kitchen floor as the desire took her.  Her breeder had taught us to take her outside every hour and say a key phrase to prompt her to pee, "clean girl", this is a source of much amusement with our family and friends as we are saying it all the time.  My Dad thinks I could be trained to pee on command now!

I have however shed many a tear about the pee and poo thing, mainly through sheer frustration and not knowing what to do for the best.  I will admit that a couple of times during the first few weeks I wanted to take her back, I know, bad me!  Of course I gritted my teeth and persevered (and bloody glad I am too), but please believe me, they are seriously HARD WORK!  And I would say to anyone thinking of getting a puppy to really think it through, have you got the time and energy, like, bags of energy, I mean you need SO much energy.

Of course like all things, it soon passed and she is (touch wood) completely toilet trained now.  She has however peed on both our sets of parents carpets, nobody else's.  Which is quite weird, maybe it's a parent pee protest or some such thing.

Her breeder had asked us to give her a little ramekin of goats milk each morning and she loves it so much that we continued it right up until last week (she is so spoilt), now we've stopped we are instead giving her milky biscuits, she loves them too.  In fact, she pretty much loves all food, it makes her very happy and in that way the old adage is true, dogs are very much like their owners.

The other thing that we did as soon as get her home was put her collar and tag on, required by law so don't be naughty, insured her and took her to the vets for her jabs.

She wasn't allowed out until ten days after her second lot of jabs so she was kept at home and in the garden, which is okay as we have a long garden but by the end of it you could tell she needed more exercise.  When the time finally came for her to go on her first ever walk, she was very, very excited indeed.