the fabulous Alexis Carrington Colby

So this is the dress that I have been lusting after today.  You know how the saying goes; another day, another dress to lust after!

This beauty from net-a-porter has totally captured my heart though because the colours are vivid.

Unable to go outside today as road is being resurfaced right outside the house.  The steam roller (how cool are steam rollers?!) makes the whole house shake which is pretty funny.

Instead I have stayed in and worked on my final university assignment, obviously in between looking at pretty dresses. I'm writing about the politics of soap opera and using Brookside and Dynasty as my examples.....this has meant totally guilt free watching of the most excellent Dynasty with the brilliant and beautiful Joan Collins as Alexis.

Her first Alexis outfit ever!

She first appears at the start of Season 2, in court to testify against Blake, cue gasps of astonishment as she lifts the veil of her super cool hat...and the suit she is wearing has black panels down the side of the jacket and skirt, super, super 80's monochrome style Miss Alexis.  I can't find a full length picture but I will, believe me I will.