my first blog post

First time blogger alert!

This is me warmly welcoming you to my blog about all things lovely.  

This week I saw these pictures of a Somerset meadow turned into field of dreams, a wonderful story about one couple who have transformed a patch of wasteland into a beautiful oasis of wildflowers.  Whilst reading the article I found out that one of my wildflowers was in fact a California Poppy, I planted some seeds back in May and most of the flowers that have bloomed have me quite stumped so this was great to know.


But no such luck with these amazing, furry (and a bit spiky!) flowers, I thought they were Chinese forget-me-nots but now I'm not so sure. I've never seen them before, they are quite quirky and a bit different and this one flower towers over all the others in my wildflower patch. 

The wildflower seeds I planted are Mr. Fothergill's Wildflower Wildlife Mixture which I got from my local garden centre.

ps. I didn't know Mr. Fothergill had a website, I shall be on it for the next hour or so I expect.

pps. update, I now know that these flowers are borage.