So the mystery has been solved, my fabulous mystery wildflower is borage, also known as starflower, and top marks to my Dad and Uncle for spotting it and letting me know.

Yesterday was Sunday and we went walking in the forest, our favourite thing to do on a Sunday.

Back in April when we actually had a period of hot sunny weather, some kids deliberately set fire to the forest and because it had been so hot and dry, in England and everything, the fires just raged out of control for days. There was traffic chaos, people being evacuated from their homes and fire-fighters everywhere.

Being out in it yesterday made us appreciate how bad it actually was.  It was frightening to see how much damage was done and especially how close to houses the fire got. Mostly it was amazing to see how quickly the natural environment rights itself after such a blow, really good to see lots of new growth, lots of green shoots and generally a feeling of getting back to being forestry again.

Both weather and heather were out in full force too, the sun was actually shining for once and there were lovely, huge carpets of lavender and pink coloured heather growing everywhere.  Bees were bumbling around, the birds were singing and there were lots of people out and about walking their dogs too.