the Jigsaw bedouin print pencil skirt

So today I have a job interview, the first one in a long time and I find myself not particularly fussed.

Is it an age thing, an experience thing, a 'quite like being at home being a student and looking after puppy' thing? or is it just that I have the most amazing Jigsaw skirt to wear to the interview and therefore nothing else matters thing?

Look how beautiful it is.

Feast your eyes on its loveliness.  The website says that Vogue love it too and I believe them, they have pictorial evidence and everything, and to make things even better I got it in the sale.  For an additional, additional bonus, it fits like a dream too.

I like it worn with a neutral colour top but it would look great with a black top too.  Today I'm going for a grey top and black blazer (think its going to rain today), and patent heels which make me feel very ladylike.

Some hours later.

Well I'm back and what a palaver it was.  Couldn't find anywhere to park, got a bit panicked and was seriously thinking about calling it all off.  Eventually found somewhere (after doing that horrible stalky thing that I hate) and finally got myself together when the heavens opened and my carefully planned interview outfit got rained on....walked into the office where the interview was to be held looking like a drowned rat, hair awry, stockinged legs splattered with rain and mud...bleugh!

Interview went okay though, nice people and glad I went.

Here are my list of tips for interview outfit success (and I have been to a lot of interviews so I am wise and speak the truth):

  • Don't wear a full suit as it is a bit severe, especially if you don't know what the organisational dress code is, a jacket or blazer always makes you look and feel smart though
  • Try to wear something that is comfortable but makes you feel a little bit fabulous (think bright crazy skirt which is obviously what I did!)
  • All the usual's; tidy hair, neat nails, minimal make up, or even your usual make up if that makes you feel good just as long as that doesn't consist of full on face, false eyelashes, glitter etc (ignore this if you are going to work in a naughty ladies bar, nightclub or other such place where false eyelashes would be mucho appreciated) 
  • Do not, seriously DO NOT have your boobs or butt cheeks on show, even if they are your best assets, please hide them away, they will only cause unwanted attention if you are being interviewed by a man and envy if you are being interviewed by a woman - see above for exceptions to this rule.

That's it for tips from me, not too difficult huh? and if you can find yourself an equally as beautiful skirt as this little number then you will deffo get the job.