a funky chair

This chair is so beautiful, I can't believe that it's mine. Is it not a thing of beauty? is it just me and is my beholder's eye clouding my judgement?

Well maybe. I mean its a desk chair, like an office chair and they (they being IKEA) have made it look like this!  You don't get that kind of funked out thought process just anywhere you know, its them Swedish meatballs that do it I reckon!

Aside from a kind of obsessional love for my new desk chair, I also purchased a little desky thing with some drawers so I can store all my crap and spend lots of time staring out the window.  The actual purpose of buying a desky set-up is so that I can study in comfort for my next exam without doing my back in.

I think I'm going to sit and watch the seasons go past (and study very, very hard....obviously!), and be very happy about that.  Today is the last day of summer, tomorrow is September and so begins autumn, my favourite season of all....that is until the GIANT copper beech in the garden decides to lose all its leaves in one day and I have to spend days, really like DAYS, clearing the damn things up!