bumper beetroot harvest

My beetroots, my loves, yes I grew them.

So I gathered in my first ever harvest of vegetables grown by my own fair hands on Wednesday afternoon. Yes, the purple prince of the vegetable world was in all its glory and ripe for picking on Wednesday, well in honesty Wednesday is the only day this week that's been dry enough to do anything in the garden so I thought I ought to take advantage.

And I know you're looking at the picture now and thinking 'bumper crop?! I don't think so" but bear in mind that this is the first time I've ever grown anything and amidst all the excitement I quite forgot that now I've got to do something with them.

So I've got all these little purple guys sitting in a colander in my kitchen and I have decided that I'm going to do two things with them:

1. Boil them up and pickle them.

2. Make a beetroot and chocolate cake with the remainder, beetroot cake...I KNOW!!

So to pickle them bad boys I'm going to follow this Pickled Beets Recipe because it sounds easy and I've got all the ingredients already so can do it this afternoon.  And then later today (after I've been to the shops) I'm going to make this Beetroot and Chocolate Cake just because I need to know what beetroot and chocolate cake tastes like.  Might it be like carrot cake when you first eat that and think to yourself "just how can carrots taste so good", yes I think it might be just like that.

Also I found this lovebeetroot site which really made me smile and will surely provide me with further inspiration.

Happy beetrooting beetroot lovers.